Acudetox Program (NADA ear acupuncture)

Click here to view the NADA Ear acupuncture clinic directory for the borderlands, offering addictions and stress management support as a prevention service

What is NADA?

“NADA stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. This is a non-profit organization that was established to support the uptake of the ear acupuncture protocol that now bears its name.

The protocol itself was created back in the 1970s, by a psychiatrist named Michael Smith, at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx section of New York City. Smith, alongside other physicians and community activists, modified an ear protocol used in China for pain relief and opiate withdrawal to develop the NADA protocol.

The NADA model of care originally was designed to aid the detox process for heroin and methadone addicts. But over the past three decades, the five-point protocol has been adapted for use in a variety of community health settings. In addition to aiding addiction recovery, the NADA protocol is used to support smoking cessation, weight loss, and generalized stress and anxiety. Psychiatric programs use the NADA protocol to help people who are coming off medications.” (Ryan Bemis, AcuTake)

Read more on AcuTake.

Crossroads’ NADA Training Program

Crossroads offers NADA training through Ryan Bemis, Executive Director and NADA Registered Trainer.  The training is a 70 hour didactic+intern program and meets requirements for state certification for over 20 states including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado.

Crossroads Acupuncture, a 501-c-3 organization has trained over a 130 people in Acudetox since 2011, and has helped communities in the border region provide over 60,000 treatments. After training, we support students up until NM certification, including support for completing a 40 hour supervised internship.

Supervision and Support offered by Crossroads

Crossroads offers supervision and support for acudetox programs, including research, policy consultation, and technical/ clinical support. Email for more information 

Who does Crossroads work with?

Groups we have partnered with include St. Luke’s Health Clinic at the Community of Hope, Alianza in Las Cruces, UNM, and Desert Pride Academy for at-risk youth in Anthony, NM.  In addition we work with several other self-help based free clinics serving both the general public and also people in situations of violence and human rights abuses.

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