Affordable, high quality acupuncture in a community-oriented, down to earth setting.

Closed for acupuncture until April 6th.

OPEN FOR TELEMEDICINE:   Herbal consults, prescriptions and Counseling Sessions.

Book online with a few easy steps.

OR Call us at 575-312-6569

  • LEARN how acupuncture might be able to help you with your health problems

  • GET SUPPORT for stress management, guided meditation, learn how to apply acupressure points for your health problems

  • HERBAL CONSULTS to find the right Chinese medicine formula for respiratory, immune support and for other medical and mental health problems

  • SEE if your insurance covers acupuncture or telemedicine, and what it will cost you

  • Or for community workers:  EXPLORE how your program can offer acupuncture or acudetox for your community

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We serve Las Cruces, El Paso, and greater borderlands.

We welcome people from all backgrounds…

Para gente como tu…

We are here to help!  We treat all kinds of people with all kinds of conditions; and we have found that regular acupuncture treatments can make a huge difference in a wide variety of problems. We keep your treatments gentle, effective, and accessible.  Our project throughout the borderlands, comprised of dozens of volunteers, have provided over 90,000 treatments since we started in 2011.  Walk ins welcome!