Ear acupuncture services for the Las Cruces and El Paso Region

16 Jan

Ear Acupuncture (acudetox) Servicesacupuncture el paso las cruces

Directory for Las Cruces, NM & El Paso, TX region.  As a recognized addiction treatment and prevention program, Crossroads Acupuncture offers the following services in collaboration with other recognized addictions treatment and prevention programs.

Walk ins welcome (no appointment necessary)

Why ear acupuncture?

Ear acupuncture (acudetox) is a proven method to help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety,  trauma related to addictions prevention and recovery including smoking cessation.  As a treatment and prevention program, Crossroads Acupuncture has helped establish the following acudetox services throughout the border region.

What is an ear acupuncture session like

The sessions last 30-45 minutes and are very relaxing while at the same time provide a quick and easy treatment to slide into a hectic schedule.

acupuncture el paso las cruces





Mon-Fri 8-11

Desert Pride Academy

100 Shrode Rd, Anthony, NM.

 (575)882-0142 ext. 4315.


Tue, 8:30-10:30am

Thu 1:30-3:30

St Luke’s Health Clinic (on the Community of Hope Campus in the El Crucero Building) 999 W. Amador Ave Las Cruces, NM 88005



Friday 11 am-1 pm

(call for other times offered during the week in addition to Fridays)

Harm Reduction Prevention Department

Families & Youth, Inc.

1320 S. Solano Drive Las Cruces, NM 88001

(575) 556-1622


Tuesdays  2pm – 4pm

Families and Youth, INC outreach program at Women’s Intercultural Center

303 Lincoln St, Anthony, NM 88021

(575) 882-5556


M/Tu/Th 10-6

Fr 10-3

Crossroads Acupuncture

1320 S. Solano

Las Cruces, NM 88001

Inside Families and Youth, INC

575 312 6569

Sliding scale

Saturday 2-3

Casa Vida

3501 Hueco El Paso, Texas

915 867-5847


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