WHERE:  Our new clinic STARTING 10/31/16 is located on the second floor of the Cervantes Plaza,above Jimmy Johns, and next to Starbucks and Zeffiro’s Pizza. We’re in Suite 945G, and our sign can be viewed from University Avenue and Espina.
PARK behind this building.  Or after 4:30pm you can park across the street at NMSU.

Heads up!  We’re moving into a new clinic location on 10/31.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THE MOVE AND OUR NEW DIRECTIONS.

Address: Crossroads Acupuncture 901 E. University 945G, Las Cruces, NM 88001

Where we’re near

Look for Starbucks or Zeffiro’s Pizzeria off of Espina and University.  This is very close to the I25 and I10 exit ramps coming from any direction into the city.  We’re caddy corner from the NMSU theater.


Park behind the building next to the apartment complex parking spaces.

After 4:30 anyone can park across the street at NMSU

Return patients can park in the 1 hour slots right next to the building

New Patients need to park in the apartment complex slots, as there’s no limit on time for those slots.

Look for the window glass doors next to jimmy johns, the elevator and stairs up to our clinic are right inside these glass doors

Please send us an email or call us with any questions or if you get lost:

EMAIL crossroadsacu@gmail.com

PHONE (575) 312-6569

las cruces el paso acupuncture map

Here’s our door here from the parking lot, come on in!  We don’t have our sign up on the parking lot side yet, look for that in about 3 weeks.  We have a small flyer on the window though in the mean time.

Take the elevator upstairs, Or you can walk up the stairs to the left.

Coming out of the elevator, walk to your left and go around the corner to your left, to the end of the hallway, and you’ll see this door open! We have acupuncture all week long, with donation only day on Tuesday from 10-6, just donate whatever you can and get a treatment!

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