Finding a quiet space

29 Feb

“The community setting allows the community to come together in a quiet space to take care of themselves. This collective stillness is so uncommon in our fast paced culture and I think within this stillness there is something very therapeutic.”

–Nina Hoffman, community acupuncturist in San Francisco

A great article just out on a community acupuncture clinic in San Francisco.

In the US, community acupuncture emerged out of the northwest, but there’s a growing number of clinics across the south, and we’re proud to be the first in the El Paso/Las Cruces region.

Why Community Acupuncture?

26 Feb

Why consider community acupuncture as a healthcare option?

One community acupuncturist in Berkeley, California, wrote about this specific question this week in a blog.  It´s a great introduction to what we’re doing at Crossroads Community Acupuncture.

Here are three reasons we´d like to share:

  1. It’s easy! Come when you can alone or with friends.
  2. It is affordable – a sliding payment scale can help you meet your budget.
  3. No ‘disrobing’ needed. Receive your treatment dressed casually wearing what you have on.
For more, read About Us or Contact us for more information.

Open House and Book Reading: Oct 18th

30 Aug

When:  Thursday October 18, 2018, 6-8pm

Where: 1320 S Solano, Las Cruces, NM 88001

Crossroads Acupuncture will celebrate its newly renovated clinic space inside Families and Youth, INC with an Open House, a ribbon cutting ceremony provided by the Green Chamber of Commerce, and a book reading and book signing by Joshua Wheeler.  Refreshments will also be provided.

Wheeler’s book about Southern New Mexico, Acid West, which was included on Oprah’s Summer Reading List, includes a chapter “A Million Tiny Daggers” that features Crossroads’ work providing acupuncture for underserved communities in the border region.  Wheeler will offer a book reading, and also be available to discuss his writing of this book. Wheeler followed Crossroads’ volunteers around for 3 years prior to publishing this new book, which has received praise, in addition to, from the  Los Angeles Times,  The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Santa Fe New Mexican, and Spectrum Culture.

Crossroads moved its community acupuncture clinic into Families and Youth, INC (FYI) in 2017.  With FYI expanding its current mental health services, Crossroads is renovating its current clinic space within FYI’s main building on Solano to make a permanent home, which will include a direct entrance from the main FYI lobby.

Crossroads is a proud member of the Green Chamber of Commerce and remains committed to the Green Chamber’s Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet and Profit.

“Acupuncture as a healthcare modality has a relative low environmental impact on the planet,” says Ryan Bemis, Executive Director of the non-profit organization, Crossroads Acupuncture.  “The tiny hair thin needles that are used in acupuncture practice are the main waste product.  With the more than 75,000 treatments our project has provided, the needles have been disposed in a total of x4, 10-gallon bins.  In addition, acupuncture needles are extremely affordable.  It costs about 50 cents in clinic materials to provide one treatment.  We also offer acupuncture at an affordable rate, which is an important aspect of our Triple Bottom Line.  Of all of these 75k treatments, each patient pays out of pocket on average of $10 per person.”

Crossroads has been offering affordable acupuncture care in Las Cruces since 2012, and maintained a downtown clinic location off of the farmer’s market for several years before moving into the FYI building.  In addition to their community acupuncture clinic at FYI, they have established a network of free ear acupuncture clinics throughout the border region.  In addition, they support a project assisting people affected by violence in Juarez, Mexico, known as Flores de Juarez.  Crossroads’ mission is to make healthcare accessible and affordable to people of all income levels through the support of local communities.  Crossroads does do this through providing low-cost services, training health providers in cost-effective techniques, and helping underserved groups establish and sustain their own community supported health projects.


NADA ear acupuncture training schedule

15 Apr


Training Schedule for Crossroads’ NADA Acudetox Ear Acupuncture Training program

November 9-11, 2018

Albuquerque, NM

Instructions for applicants:

  1. Download the registration form.
  2. Email all materials, at least a $300 deposit (or the full cost for the early registration discount) including a letter of interest to:  or mail to Crossroads 1320 S Solano Las Cruces, NM 88001
  3. Invite your colleagues and stay tuned for upcoming details on our facebook page.

Early registration discount (Before Sep 31)

Full amount must be paid by 9/31/18 in order to receive discount


Late registration full payment (After Oct 1)


Deposit on Acudetox training

This minimal deposit reserves your space


About the training
Fulfills didactic educational requirements for therapists/nurses/health/harm reduction workers to become Nationally Certified as Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists (NADA) as well as state certification in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Arizona.  Students will learn application both in behavioral health/addictions/harm reduction as well as for trauma/humanitarian aid/disaster response

About acudetox

NADA Ear Acupuncture or Acudetox can help reduce cravings, insomnia, drug dreams, anxiety and depression during addictions withdrawal, as part of prevention for at risk groups, and can be used to help prevent relapse.  Acudetox is extremely cost-effective and safe and has no medication interactions or adverse side-effectives.  It is applied internationally within psychiatric care, as well as humanitarian aid/disaster relief.  This training will prepare students to practice in all types of settings.

How does it work? This style of acupuncture is known to activate the vagus nerve. It also stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates, and helps regulate seratonin and dopamine, the brain chemicals involved with addiction. It provides deep relaxation and helps restore internal harmony, which supports the patient in their own process of recovery.  Research supports the use of Acudetox to improve retention rates, reduce program costs and reduce recidivism. 

Learn more about acudetox…

About the Training Program

Crossroads Acupuncture, a 501-c-3 organization has trained over a 200 providers in Acudetox since 2011, and has helped communities in the border region provide over 70,000 treatments primarily within underserved areas.  This course contributes to the qualifications necessary to use this technique to treat addictions in the US.   After training, we support students up until certification, including an optional portion of the 40 hour supervised internship within programs serving the homeless and low-income/marginalized communities in the border region.  Program support for starting an acudetox clinic is also included as part of the cost of the training. The cost also covers training materials, a training manual, and access to our online acudetox library  See registration form for more details. Click here to learn about Crossroads’ NADA Registered Trainer, Ryan Bemis.

Articles/Essays on Crossroads’ training program

“A Million Tiny Daggers,” Essay within Acid West, by Joshua Wheeler
Residents in violent border city use acupuncture to cope with trauma, by the Border News Bureau:

Helping Mexico’s poor and mentally ill, by the Border News Bureau:

Acupuncture for healing in border communities, By Molly Molloy, Latina Lista
East meets SouthWest, Las Cruces Bulletin story on Crossroads:

Veterans Care Program

6 Dec

Our commitment to returning soldiers

Crossroads Acupuncture has long been committed to making healthcare affordable for veterans, with hundreds of soldiers who have benefitted from our Veteran’s Care Program.  We now are offering a few new programs available for military veterans to receive free care. Call us at 575-312-6569 to learn more!

How acupuncture can help veterans

Here are some of the common things that veterans come to Crossroads for care.

  •   Stress and sleep problems
  •   Pain from injuries & PTSD
  •   Nightmares, trauma, anxiety
  •   Migraines and Traumatic Brain Injury
  •   Addictions (pain meds, cigarettes)
  •   Depression

Did you know?

Acupuncture is recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs  and Dept of Defense as Evidence Based Medicine for PTSD.

But does acupuncture really work?

At Crossroads, our acupuncturist, Ryan Bemis, has many years of experience serving veterans and soldiers, including working with soldiers with PTSD and combat injuries/pain management at William Beaumont Army Medical Center.  Our clinic in Las Cruces has made it possible for veteran’s to receive regular care outside of the VA system.

Here’s a testimony from one of the veterans we have worked with in our community:

I came to Crossroads in the hope of helping a headache I had suffered with since 1989 and problems with my back since 1977. I had tried all the regular ways to get pain relief but they all came up short.  Now I am 6-7 weeks into treatment and I can honestly say that most of my days now are pain free.  This has made all the difference in the world.”

Donate and help provide care for veterans

One of the best ways you can help our program is to make  tax-deductible contribution to our non-profit organization will go directly towards another returning veteran being able to receive free care

Or you can donate online:

New Acupuncture clinic opens within FYI

18 Nov

Check out our new location on 1320 S. Solano!


New location at 1320 S. Solano at FYI

22 Oct

Moving our clinic

Due to an emergency, we will have to move our clinic this weekend, and we will re-open at a new location next week, at the corner of Solano and Idaho.  All services will continue at our University location through Friday 2/24.

More Parking, More convenient location!

We’ll be moving our clinic to a much more central location in the city, within the health center Families and Youth, INC.  There will be lots more parking than our current location on University has allowed for you as patients.  We know we know!  Parking was bad at University.  It will be much better at this new spot in town, right next to Hayden’s Hardware and across the street from Water King.  Look for the sign “Families and Youth, INC” and we will have our sign up right there!

Why move?

We believe that our new clinic location, within Families and Youth, INC (FYI) will allow our care to be more accessible to those who need acupuncture the most.  FYI is a regional leader in providing services for people in need,and we are grateful that they have given us a home within their home!

How to find us within FYI

When you enter our space at FYI there will be a large waiting area serving other programs as well.  Just let the receptionist know you are here for acupuncture, and they will check you in, and let me know you are here, after which I’ll come walk you back to our beautiful new treatment space.  If you get lost call 575-522-4004.

Job openings: Bilingual Receptionist

7 Sep

Opening for Billing Specialist at Crossroads Acupuncture

Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare is seeking a billingual receptionist for our affordable healthcare clinic in Las Cruces. Applicants with Bilingual English/Spanish, with extensive experience with clerical work, medical receptionist and office management are encouraged to apply. The position will begin at 30 hours per week and has the capacity to develop into a full-time position.

Applicants should email a cover letter and resume

Minimal Qualifications and Experience

  • 1 year experience working in customer service / reception /administrative assistance
  • Possesses customer service experience in a community health field
  • Self-starter, hard worker
  • Is able to develop the position into into a full time office manager for a small and developing medical office
  • Multi-tasker and can go back and forth between various activities as needed
  • Quick and efficient on the computer and typing
  • Can help with system improvement and communicate problems and solutions
  • Kind, friendly, creative, and understanding
  • Experience working with EHR systems
  • Available to work both mornings and evenings
  • Experience managing dropbox filing system, word, excel, pages and numbers, Mac OSx

Preferred Qualifications and Experience

  • English/Spanish Bilingual
  • Experience in medical insurance billing particularly with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Triwest and/or Veterans Choice Program
  • Experience in medical billing management, credentialing, contracting for Blue Cross Blue Shield and other commercial payers in the region
  • Management and training in customer service and/or reception/ food management
  • Experience managing dropbox filing system
  • Mac OSx
  • Quickbooks
  • Experience in desktop publishing, newsletter editing, database management
  • WordPress and website management
  • Translation and interpretation English/Spanish both written and verbal
  • Online schedule systems
  • Graphic Designing
  • Inventory management
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Non-profit administration and financial management
  • Sanitation and public health standards


17 Aug
Appointments: 575-312-6569 or book online:
or book online:

NEW Schedule

17 Aug

MON/LUNES   10-6

Office Manager Opening for Community Health Clinic

2 Jul
Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare is seeking a full-time office manager for our non-profit organization. The office manager will manage receptionists,  billing operations, patient care and ensure the clinic is operating efficiently.  The office manager will also assist with our health promotion capacity building program, and our addictions training program in the border region. Applicants with Bilingual English/Spanish, with extensive administrative experience working in medical offices and behavioral healthcare are encouraged to apply.

Learn more about our clinic:

To apply: Email a cover letter and resume to Without a cover letter outlining your experience attached to your resume you will not be considered.

Minimal Qualifications and Experience

  • 2 years experience working in medical billing and / or as a medical assistant
  • 5 years working specifically in office management for medical services
  • 3 years in directly supervising employees and Human Resources
  • Self-starter, hard worker
  • Possesses experience in managing medical insurance billing including work comp, auto claims, no fault, VA, Medicare secondary and commercial plans
  • Can go back and forth between various activities as needed
  • Quick and efficient on the computer and typing: 40 WPM at least
  • Can help with system improvement and communicate problems and solutions as part of an integrative team
  • Kind, friendly, creative, and understanding with outstanding customer service skills with Bilingual capacity
  • Experience working with EHR systems
  • Available to work both mornings and evenings, occasional weekends
  • Experience managing dropbox filing system, word, excel, pages and numbers, Mac OSx
  • English/Spanish Bilingual in writing, reading, speaking, translation and interpreting
  • Experience in bookkeeping using Quickbooks
  • Batchelor’s degree or higher; or Associate’s with equivalent experience in the field

Preferred Qualifications and Experience

  • Prior experience in working specifically in clinics offering acupuncture services
  • Experience managing dropbox and O365 share drive filing systems
  • Computer experience using Mac OSx, dropbox, Office 365, Microsoft Office, Pages and Numbers

Experience that will be considered an asset.

  • WordPress and website management
  • Experience in desktop publishing, newsletter editing, database management
  • Certified Medical Coder/Biller
  • Non-profit management
  • Online schedule systems
  • Graphic Designing
  • Inventory management
  • Marketing and advertising

Job Type: Full-Time

$16-$20 per hour depending on experience with benefits


  • Spanish (Required)


  • Evening, Mid-Day, Morning (Required)

July News: $10 treatments for vets!

30 Jun

$10 treatments for Vets and Soldiers July 5-9

Crossroads will be offering $10 treatments for any veterans or military soldiers in active duty for the week after July 4th.   And if you are not a vet but would like to donate so another vet can access care, your tax-deductible contribution will go towards our Veterans Healing Fund.  It’s all part of giving back a little!

Spotlight on Crossroads in the Sun News!

“For some things, you need medications, but I think there needs to be affordable alternatives, besides medication.”  – Georgia Ecker, client of Crossroads in her interview with the Sun News

Read the story here.

Ear acupuncture training on Labor Day

Learn more here

Healing Together

A new film features experiences of patients receiving care at NE Community Acupuncture and Wellness Center.  Check it out!  Do you have something to share about your experience at Crossroads?  You can write a review on Yelpfacebook and/or google plus. 

Free Acupuncture Alert

We are looking for a few good volunteers in a lot of different programs within our project. Volunteers get free acupuncture!  Email with a resume if you are interested.