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Job openings: Bilingual Receptionist

7 Sep

Opening for Billing Specialist at Crossroads Acupuncture

Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare is seeking a billingual receptionist for our affordable healthcare clinic in Las Cruces. Applicants with Bilingual English/Spanish, with extensive experience with clerical work, medical receptionist and office management are encouraged to apply. The position will begin at 30 hours per week and has the capacity to develop into a full-time position.

Applicants should email a cover letter and resume

Minimal Qualifications and Experience

  • 1 year experience working in customer service / reception /administrative assistance
  • Possesses customer service experience in a community health field
  • Self-starter, hard worker
  • Is able to develop the position into into a full time office manager for a small and developing medical office
  • Multi-tasker and can go back and forth between various activities as needed
  • Quick and efficient on the computer and typing
  • Can help with system improvement and communicate problems and solutions
  • Kind, friendly, creative, and understanding
  • Experience working with EHR systems
  • Available to work both mornings and evenings
  • Experience managing dropbox filing system, word, excel, pages and numbers, Mac OSx

Preferred Qualifications and Experience

  • English/Spanish Bilingual
  • Experience in medical insurance billing particularly with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Triwest and/or Veterans Choice Program
  • Experience in medical billing management, credentialing, contracting for Blue Cross Blue Shield and other commercial payers in the region
  • Management and training in customer service and/or reception/ food management
  • Experience managing dropbox filing system
  • Mac OSx
  • Quickbooks
  • Experience in desktop publishing, newsletter editing, database management
  • WordPress and website management
  • Translation and interpretation English/Spanish both written and verbal
  • Online schedule systems
  • Graphic Designing
  • Inventory management
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Non-profit administration and financial management
  • Sanitation and public health standards

East Meets (South) West [story on Crossroads in the Las Cruces Bulletin by Zak Hansen]

3 Feb

East meets (South)west 

Crossroads Acupuncture looks forward to New Year as a nonprofit

By Zak Hansen, Las Cruces Bulletin

In March 2012, Crossroads Community Acupuncture opened its doors in a small closet space within a building undergoing construction at 125 N. Main St., becoming the first low-cost com­munity acupuncture clinic in the Las Cruces/El Paso region. After raising enough money to move to a large, refurbished space just down the street, CCA moved to its current location, inside one of

Estamos ubidado en 130 S. Main por el centro de Las Cruces

the oldest buildings in Las Cruces, at 130 S. Main St. (EDIT:  Crossroads has since moved to 1320 S. Solano)

With a mission of providing acupuncture and health services for people of all income levels throughout the region, Crossroads has helped provide more than 25,000 treatments, most in impoverished or underserved areas.

On Jan. 1, 2014, howev­er, Crossroads will ring in the New Year, close it’s clinic as a for-profit, and w new non-profit organization will re-open as Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare, a non­profit, al­lowing them to further their goal of providing affordable health ser­vices to, truly, everyone.

Crossroads founder and acu­puncturist Ryan Bemis first gained an interest in acupuncture while working in Portland, Ore.

“I had gotten a job at a detox program in Portland, where they were detoxing heroin addicts and alcoholics, a lot of whom lived on the street,” Bemis said. “The first thing they’d do, before they sat down with a counselor, was sit them in a group and gave them ear acupuncture.”

Bemis was immediately im­pressed with the efficacy of the treatment, known as “acude­tox” or the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) protocol.


ear acupuncture offered at a psychiatric shelter by one of Crossroads’ trainees

“I was fascinated by the group atmosphere because, in this pro­gram, every day the clients would get up in the morning, come to­gether in a group and get ear acupuncture,” he said. “A lot of them weren’t people who were comfortable sitting in a group, or in silence, and there they were in this almost meditative state. “As a counselor, I heard a lot about how much it helped them to get clean, to stay calm, to feel like them­selves, to help with withdrawals.”

His interest piqued, Bemis began studying acupuncture, going on to earn his master’s degree from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2011.

In Portland and throughout the US, Bemis said, there are a number of clinics, like Crossroads that offer sliding-scale, commu­nity acupuncture, as opposed to the more conventional – and more expensive – one-on-one setting.


ear acupuncture offered at a mental health program in the border region

Bemis brought that model to the Southwest when, working on his thesis, he, together with fel­low Crossroads acupuncturist Mateo Bernal started a project in the border region, training practitioners through the Catholic church.

Brought in to support the Catholic church’s response to violence, Bemis and Bernal began training pastoral workers in the NADA ear acupuncture protocol. To date, more than 86 health workers have been trained, most of whom provide free ear acupunc­ture out of their churches and mental health programs.

Las Cruces Acupuncture El Paso

free ear acu clinic offered in the border region

In Las Cruces, Crossroads helped install ear acupuncture services at St. Luke’s Health Clinic at the Community of Hope, where free, walk-in treatments are of­fered every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon.

Following the successful start­up of this cross-border project, Bemis opened the Las Cruces clin­ic, which currently sees an average of more than 170 clients a week, for a wide variety of maladies, on a simple, community-minded and cost-effective model.

Bemis said people come in for treatment for a multitude of rea­sons, from the small to the dire.

“We have people come in to treat pain, stress, anxiety, depres­sion, addiction, sleep problems, chronic fatigue, chronic autoim­mune disorders such as Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, pe­ripheral neuropathy. We also have people coming in for things like irritable bowel syndrome, stom­ach upset and constipation, all the way to people looking to help with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.”

Although demonstrated to be very effective in studies from diverse of organizations as the WHO and the U.S. Military, which utilizes staff acupuncturists and NADA-trained psychologists to treatlas cruces acupuncture el paso PTSD, Bemis points out that acupuncture is not a magic bullet.

“Acupuncture is not a cure for a lot of these things – for most of them, though, Western medicine doesn’t have a cure either – but if it’s accessible on a regular basis, it can greatly enhance the quality of life and im­prove health outcomes.”

To treat a variety of ailments in a large, di­verse segment of the population, Crossroads makes acupuncture affordable with most patients paying between $0 and $20.

Relying on the community also allows Crossroads to avoid unnecessary complications be­tween patient and provider.

“A lot of acupuncturists have to depend on insurance for reimbursement,” he said. “Then, the company is dictating how we treat people, adding more paperwork and bureaucracy be­tween them and treatment. We have a philoso­phy of simplicity in how we provide care.”

The goal, Bemis said, is not to get rich.

“We want people to be able to afford our care,” he said. “Our goal is to serve the community and be able to pay our staff a living wage.

“Families can afford to come here. I want to be able to provide treatment for my next door neighbor, my friends, my family, and I can’t imagine practicing it any other way.”

Whether steeped in the violence of border cities, or in the relative peace of Downtown Las Cruces, Bemis said, in the end, acupuncture is largely about providing safe space.

“If people can be safe and comfortable, be able to walk out of the door on their own two feet feeling ready to face the world again, then that’s a mission accomplished,” he said. “This is less about fixing or curing, or becoming a wizard or guru, and more about community building.”

Walk ins welcome!

30k treatments in 3 years…30mil entre 3 anos…

5 Jan

by Ryan

When we started in 2011, we weren’t sure how all of this would sustain itself.

Our capacity building program set forth to empower health promoters working in marginalized communities, in some extremely poor areas in the borderlands.  We knew many of the people coming in for treatment would have no money, no job, no opportunities for work. And the programs offering care we knew survived with little to no funding.  We feared we, as the organization facilitating training for these groups, might end up having to resort to constant fundraising just to cover the cost of their supplies.

Donation box at an ear acupuncture project in the border region...

Donation box at an ear acupuncture project in the border region…

We really didn’t want to end up in that type of charity role.  Our goal with the Crossroads Border Project*, rather, has always been for each of the health promoters we trained to help their people on their own 2 feet: autonomously, while at the same time being able to aid those who need care the most.

It’s now been less than 3 years since we began.   We have tracked over 30,000 treatments since then.  The majority of these treatments were provided as “donation only.”  The health promoters just put a box out in their dispensaries with a label on it: “donativo voluntario” which means “voluntary donations accepted” and added “Para la paz y la salud emocional” translated “For peace and emotional health,” which is what their programs are designed to help with.  These little boxes, along with a whole lot of needles paid for through what was collected in these boxes, and their commitment to serving their people, have made it possible…have enabled them to be promoters of peace in places in the borderlands that need paz the most.

The donation-based system, which was created by the groups themselves, we have since witnessed, though sometimes just through pesos, has helped them cover their costs.  They haven’t had to turn away folks that couldn’t pay.  The fact that the funds to carry on the services come from within their community, their services have become self-sustaining.

This was important for them: NOT being dependent on outsiders for providing care within their community.

Important for us, as well, and one way that makes their programs “Community-Supported” health projects.  This is what our mission is all about.

Today we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our downtown Las Cruces clinic.  We started in March 2012 within a little closet that a group let us use for our clinic.  We started with “not much” and just a simple philosophy: Pay what you can. Through the support of our community, we grew and grew, little by little.  Tiny 5 dollar payments at a time.  Sixteen bucks  here and there.  We’ve come a long way to the 30k.  Thanks…

On this Saturday, March 8th, we will also offer our services on a donation-only basis, in the same spirit, for the Healer for the Arts festival here in Cruces.   We’ll put funds raised directly towards the costs of the Border Project’s two upcoming trainings.  Our staff will be volunteering as well on this day (March 8th) to support the Border Project.

*Stay tuned this week to KVIA ABC news in El Paso for a report on our project by Angela Kocherga.

Crossroads on MountainView Coop’s blog

1 Jan

by Ryan

Most people who come to an acupuncturist for their first time are usually at least a little nervous about “needles.”  Even if they don’t admit it.   And our culture is just not used to acupuncture or needles as a form of healing.  Most of us didn’t grow up in China where acupuncture is in hospitals and part of everyday healthcare.

I myself was scared to death of needles as a kid.  I had strep throat a lot growing up and would kick and stream each time I had to get a shot.  I hated those big needles.  The first time I went in for acupuncture I was really hoping they wouldn’t pull out any big needles like that.

As our patients know, our approach is very down-to-earth.  And our needling technique is very gentle. We use the thinnest needles that you can find.  These are probably the tiniest needles on the planet.  First time patients at Crossroads walk out of their first treatment pretty darn relaxed, even if they came in with some normal needle nervousness.  Out of the 11,000 treatments we’ve provided since we opened in March 2012, I’d say the majority of these people were at one time at least a little afraid to give acu a try.

Well, our local cooperative Mountain View Market sent in one of their workers to get a treatment at Crossroads and test us out. They wanted to see just what it is like to be a patient at our clinic and get “poked.”  Here you can read their blog: Facing the Needles.  

Thank you Mountain View for being such an awesome partner in our work of community building and healing.  Marissa, MV’s Website Content Coordinator, also wrote a story about our new non profit and our membership co-op style model, you can read that blog here:

Mountain View Member Special: say what?

Did you know that Crossroads offers a discount to all first-time Mountain View Coop members? $14 off your first treatment.  If you’re interested in giving acupuncture a try, a good time is our upcoming Healer for the Arts event on March 8th 9-3pm.

$10 acu on March 8th

Both Janet and Ryan will be offering treatments as a fundraiser ($10 or more donation suggestion). Funds raised will support the growth of free acu services in the borderlands!  We will have limited slots open on this day, so book soon!  Call 575 312 6569 to speak with one of our staff about our clinic, and get your chance to get over your needle-phobia.

Looking for acupuncturists and massage therapists

1 Jan

February News from Crossroads Acupuncture 

Help us expand
We’d really like to expand our hours, our days, our trainings, and our variety of services at Crossroads.  For example, we currently have 2 acupuncturists and 1 massage therapist. Wouldn’t it be great to double the number of providers? Which would mean we could be open every day, and be open just about every evening. You can help us!  Please pass on this information about current openings.
Current openings at Crossroads:
Massage therapists

12/24, 12/25 and 1/1: $10 treatments; $800 for annual membership at Crossroads

6 Dec

We’ll be open but will have limited hours on Dec 24,25, 26 as well as Dec 31, and Nov 1.  For 12/24, 12/25 and 1/1 we will be offering $10 treatments and annual membership only offered on this day for $800 (Which will give you free acupuncture all year long!).  Learn more about our membership program.


DEC. 24         10-4            $10 treatments!
DEC. 25         11-1             $10 treatments!
DEC. 26         12-4
DEC. 31         10-4:30
JAN. 1            10-4:30      $10 treatments!

Looking for therapists to join our team

6 Dec

Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare is currently looking for Massage Therapists, counselors, and other health providers to join us in offering services for our clients.  To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to


  • Must be Licensed to provide massage, counseling, chiropracty in the state of New Mexico
  • Familiar with Community Supported Healthcare and Crossroads’ Community Acupuncture clinic
  • Has a passion to serve a lot of people

About Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare

Read more about our project in this recent story in the Las Cruces Bulletin:

Stress-less Shopping Fundraiser: Dec 13th 4:30-6:30

6 Dec

Stress-less Shopping Fundraiser

WHEN:  Friday, Dec. 13th – 4:30pm ’til 6:30pm

WHERE:  Crossroads Community Acupuncture, 130 S. Main

WHY:  Help Crossroads Community Acupuncture raise funds  for the non-profit application fee to the IRS.

(That’s right, Crossroads is launching a non profit organization to carry on the clinic and our project in the border region as of January 1.  For more info, you can read the feature story on our new non profit just out in the Las Cruces Bulletin Dec 6 issue, section C21 by Zak Hansen.)


  • This will be a fun and informative evening of shopping and relaxation
  • Holiday Shopping and Raffle:  Miche handbags, doTerra oils, fair trade products from Mexico (Dolls, Weavings, Pinatas, prayer flags, and freshly harvested pistachios/pecans), free acupuncture gift cards, and more (email us if you’d like to be a vendor)
  • Presentation on acupuncture and demo treatments
  • Meditation discussion led by Christine Alvarez




No admission will be charged


If your group would like to apply to participate in this fundraiser as a vendor, email Barbara Dillaway <>


Barbara Dillaway, Independent Miche Representative, Carrie Pena, Massage Therapist/doTerra Product Consultant,     Christine Alvarez, Massage Therapist

Crossroads Community Acupuncture


Crossroads is accepting donations throughout the holiday season towards our non profit application. 


Crossroads is currently accepting applications from massage therapists to join our project and offer services for our clients. Also, we’re looking for acupuncturists so we can be open more days and more hours.  Resumes and cover letters can be sent to




Arte Sin Fronteras: March 7th and 8th

28 Nov

NEWarte sin fronteras-7x10 (1)

Arte Sin Fronteras:
Artists responding to violence…working for social change in Mexico…

Where: West End Art Depot, 401 N. Mesilla, Las Cruces, NM

When: March 2014

Contact: Ryan 575 496 2306

Flyers: available for distribution @Crossroads 130 S. Main

Proceeds: benefit projects working for peace in Mexico

More than 125,000 Mexicans have lost their lives since 2007 in a human
rights catastrophe brought on by a war on drugs, failed economic
policies, and social neglect. But these very circumstances have
ignited the human spirit of Mexican citizens working toward social
change. Art remains a powerful means of free expression and
collective healing, and a tool for basic economic support. Arte Sin
Fronteras features artists and artisans who work within
community-based projects that seek to alleviate poverty and violence,
assist those affected by mental illness and help people improve their
lives and their community. Profits from sales will support
their efforts for peace and healing.

Alice Leora Briggs & Flatbed PressMark Aitkin, Casa Tabor and Sister Betty CampbellJulian Cardona, Crossroads Acupuncture and Ryan BemisGuerrilla Prayer FlagsPalomas Oilcloth DesignsMorgan SmithTaller de Piñatas of Pastoral ObreraVisión en Acción and Jose Antonio Galvan “El Pastor”Weaving for Justice 

Sponsors:  Arte Sin Fronteras is sponsored by a coalition of Las Cruces-based organizations that support peace and healing in Mexico: Weaving for Justice, Molly Molloy and Frontera News List, Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare, Guerilla Prayer Flags, Mas Art, Cinco Puntos.

Featured events:

First Friday, March 7, 6-9pm
Musica from the borderlands: Los Santanicos, Canto a mi Tierra

Saturday March 8

1:30-3 International Women’s Day Panel, Fair Trade Artisan Sale and Craft Workshop at The West End Art Depot 401 N Mesilla
“Creating, resisting, and collaborating in the face of oppression and violence: Women’s Stories

Healer for the Arts Fundraiser
1-6 Reiki, Massage, Acu at The West End Art Depot 401 N Mesilla
9-3 Donation only Community Acupuncture @ Crossroads 130 S. Main in downtown Cruces

Friday, March 21 @7:30PM

Feature Documentary Screening


January News

17 Nov

January 25th 10am-2pm
Get a treatment from our new acupuncturist, El Paso native Janet Vialpando, Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

January 27th
Deadline for registration for a Reiki workshop at Crossroads. The workshop is scheduled for February 2, see below for details…

Book your massage through pocapoint; Free chair massage on Saturdays
Our resident massage therapist Danny Cadena is now on our schedule system.  You can also come as a walk in for massage each morning of the week!   Massage therapist Felix Galindo will be at the farmer’s market tomorrowmorning at our fair trade booth offering free chair massage.

Fundraising update
Within just a few weeks of beginning our fundraising campaign to raise $800 for our non profit application, we raised every penny of it through the support of our clients.  Thank you so much! We’re also working on a $50,000 proposal to start an acupuncture training and health center, so ongoing donations will be welcome!  Our new non profit launched successfully January 1, if you go to the Las Cruces Bulletin’s page C23 in the January 10th issue, you’ll see a photo of our volunteers and board members.Vote for Crossroads in EP Times Reader’s Choice
If you follow this link, you can vote for Crossroads Acupuncture as “Best Doctor” in Las Cruces! 1 workshop February 2, 2014

  • Who: Presented by Paty Hernandez from Mariposas Holistic Healing
  • When:  From 1pm-5pm at Crossroads Acupuncture 130 S. Main
  • Why:  Begin the new year learning Reiki, a Japanese stress-reduction technique that promotes healing through energy work.  Learning Reiki will help you reduce stress and anxiety as it promotes calm and healing.
  • What:  This one day workshop will teach about Reiki, its benefits, and how to use it on yourself and others. The beginning portion of the workshop will focus on understanding Reiki and its history and then you will be practicing on yourself and others.
  • Cost:  only $50 and pre-registration is required by Monday January 27. This is a great deal!
  • Price includes: location, manual, and certificate.
  • Scholarships and payment plans are available.
  • Contact:  Email, or call Paty at 305 396-1389 for more information.
Interested in hosting a workshop at Crossroads?  
Email to share your ideas!  Group counselors, qigong, tai chi and chair yoga are other great community activities that would jive well with our space.  Rates start at $10/hour.