Do the next right thing: NADA ZOOM GROUP SESSIONS

26 Mar


English facilitation: Mondays and Wednesdays (Melbourne, Australia) To register for the Australia group, call 040 66 12 993 or email:

Spanish facilitation: Email for registration!


Bring your needles!

Bring your seeds and beads and gold magnets.

No seeds or needles? No problem! Bring your ears and your nimble fingers to give yourself a self acupressure treatment.

We will sit together with NADA folks from all over the world, for an hour of contemplation and action: a 30 minute NADA group session together, then a very brief check-in period of 15 minutes for anyone that feels inspired to share “the next right thing” for them in the Spirit of NADA, finishing at 45 minutes after the hour. After that we will leave the zoom room open for anyone to stick around and connect with NADA folks around the world.

Who can join this session? You don’t need to be a NADA provider or an acupuncturist. Acupuncturists, ADSes, everyday people: All will be welcome. All you need to do is show up!

More about Do the right thing

As the Coronavirus and the global economic crisis challenges NADA providers worldwide to adapt, what is the next right thing you are doing for yourself, for your community? NADA trainers and acupuncturists Claudia Voyles and Ryan Bemis will facilitate. We hope this can be a chance to connect, and maybe get a little fuel for your fire.

While getting together in person in groups may not be possible at this time, we can still share the spirit of NADA together. The world will still need a lot of recovery in the near and far future. Let’s prepare ourselves for the road ahead.


USA: Call Ryan 575-936-0200 (USA) or email

Australia: Call Kata 040 66 12 993 or by emailing:

What to learn more about NADA?

Crossroads’ NADA humanitarian aid programs in the border region, in Latin America, online NADA acudetox training program

Learn more about NADA USA/Canada

Learn more about NADA Australia

Learn more about other NADA groups around the world

Want to host a NADA virtual group? Get mentored in how to do a group of your own? Email

Instructions for joining this NADA Group Zoom:

  1. Download the zoom application.
  2. Register for an account with Zoom
  3. Best quality of vide: Try to find a Wifi Connection and use a computer
  4. You can also do it from your cell phone if necessary (see below for phone numbers to dial in directly if you are struggling with an internet or computer connection)
  5. Try organizing a call with your friends or family before hand so you can get some practice. This will allow you to understand how Zoom works so you can make the most of it. Learning how to do zoom is not different than learning another type of skill: just takes some practice!
  6. Click on the link above for the time you want to join us, there are 3 different times, Mon 8pm AEST, Mon 12pm MST and Sun 5pm MST

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