Barefoot Acupuncture School

15 Apr

Learn how to partner with underserved communities taking control of their healthcare

Meet Ryan, your instructor! A little video clip explaining what acu trainings we have going on!

For Acupuncture Educators

Online Series: Acupuncture and NADA capacity building in humanitarian aid:  Preparing for a post-disaster world of community powered healthcare  

2-4 hour long classes through our interactive live as well as pre-recorded webinars, with our Acupuncturist, Ryan Bemis and guest teachers Megan Yarberry, Claudia Voyles, Andy Wegman, David Eisen, Phyllis Spears, Will Hall, Jay Renaud, Elizabeth Ropp, Lars Winblad, Whittsit Goodson, David Lesseps, Blake Gentry. Courses include acupuncture educational approaches, liberation acupuncture, cultural competency, gentle needle technique, and in depth courses for you to get the support to build your humanitarian aid project.

Learn more about all of the webinars in this series here!  

REGISTER for individual webinars: EventBrite

Online NADA ear acupuncture Training (Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist ADS)

This new online training offers you the chance to complete a portion of the didactic parts of this 70-hour training online, through our interactive live webinars, with our NADA Registered Trainer, Ryan Bemis, and guest teachers Claudia Voyles, Megan Yarberry, Jay Renaud, and Will Hall. Most classes are $25, and some of the classes can be taken by anyone in the general public, not just providers. We have Spanish and English speaking trainings available.

Full details on the entire ADS training program here.

REGISTER for individual classes: EventBrite

In person acudetox trainings

We plan on holding at least 1 full ADS training in New Mexico in 2020, and several clinical practice sessions, and in 2021 we hope to head abroad for another Solidarity Immersion Program, but we have not established dates. Please check back soon or email to express your interest and to get put on our email list.

Youtube Training Videos

FREE! Subscribe to our our Youtube channel to find educational videos you can use for yourself and for others around you.  


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