NADA ear acupuncture training schedule

15 Apr

Online NADA ear acupuncture training starting in April 2020

Now taking registrants! Email to sign up.

In person trainings

We plan on holding at least 1 training in New Mexico in 2020, but we have not established dates. Please check back soon or email to get on our email list!

Credit card payment options

Early registration discount (2 months before training)

Early registration discount (2 months before training)


Late registration full payment


Deposit on Acudetox training

This minimal deposit reserves your space


Training covers these areas
  • Fulfills didactic educational requirements for therapists/nurses/health/harm reduction workers to become Nationally Certified as Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists (NADA) as well as state certification in New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and 22 other US states (email for a complete list of states that allow this certification for non-acupuncturists.
  • Students will learn application both in behavioral health/addictions/harm reduction as well as for trauma/humanitarian aid/disaster response.
  • Clean Needle Technique and gentle auricular acupuncture skillsets
  • Best practices for managing community acupuncture, NADA ear acupuncture groups, and treating multiple patients in one setting
  • First step for acupuncturists interested in becoming NADA ear acupuncture trainers
  • Communication, and empowerment skills for outreach, advocacy, marketting and public health education on the integration of NADA ear acupuncture into a community health setting
  • Science, research and history of the application of acupuncture for trauma, mental health and addictions
  • Simple, fundamental skills and knowledge for working within addictions recovery
  • Cultural competency in cross-cultural settings
  • Sustainable community health development

About acudetox

NADA Ear Acupuncture or Acudetox can help reduce cravings, insomnia, drug dreams, anxiety and depression during addictions withdrawal, as part of prevention for at risk groups, and can be used to help prevent relapse.  Acudetox is extremely cost-effective and safe and has no medication interactions or adverse side-effectives.  It is applied internationally within psychiatric care, as well as humanitarian aid/disaster relief.  This training will prepare students to practice in all types of settings.

How does it work? This style of acupuncture is known to activate the vagus nerve. It also stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates, and helps regulate seratonin and dopamine, the brain chemicals involved with addiction. It provides deep relaxation and helps restore internal harmony, which supports the patient in their own process of recovery.  Research supports the use of Acudetox to improve retention rates, reduce program costs and reduce recidivism. 

Learn more about acudetox…

About the Training Program

Crossroads Acupuncture, a 501-c-3 organization has trained over a 250 providers in Acudetox since 2011, and has helped communities in the border region provide over 80,000 treatments primarily within underserved areas.  This course contributes to the qualifications necessary to use this technique to treat addictions in the US.   After training, we support students up until certification, including an optional portion of the 40 hour supervised internship within programs serving the homeless, low-income/marginalized communities as well as addictions and refugee care in the border region.  Crossroads will teach you how to set up and sustain an acudetox clinic  within a public health setting is also included as part of the cost of the training. The cost also covers training materials, a training manual, and access to our online acudetox library  See registration form for more details. Click here to learn about Crossroads’ NADA Registered Trainer, Ryan Bemis.

Articles/Essays on Crossroads’ training program

“A Million Tiny Daggers,” Essay within Acid West, by Joshua Wheeler
Residents in violent border city use acupuncture to cope with trauma, by the Border News Bureau:

Qiological Podcast: Interview with Crossroads Acupuncture on our training program and Liberation Acupuncture:

Madness Radio /Will Hall interview with Crossroads Acupuncture on our training program in The Sierra Tarahumara area of Mexico:

Helping Mexico’s poor and mentally ill, by the Border News Bureau:

Acupuncture for healing in border communities, By Molly Molloy, Latina Lista

East meets SouthWest, Las Cruces Bulletin story on Crossroads:

“The community trainer:  Making Acupuncture Accessible,” within “Untold Stories,” by Bonnie Koenig and Jason Stein.

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