Intern Acupuncturist Opening

23 May

Paid Acupuncture Internship Opening at Crossroads Acupuncture in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Applicants should submit a resume with a cover letter to:

About the Internship

Crossroads’ internship program is designed to offer comprehensive bilingual Spanish/English experience and training for working in border community healt


Interns will work with a variety of different populations, of all ages.

h, addictions, mental health, health promotion and trauma care.   Intern Acupuncturists will work in both direct care and training within different settings including community acupuncture, homeless care, addictions, mental health, university programs, and projects serving marginalized and underserved areas in the US/Mexico Border Region.  Interns will be a part of our capacity building program for health promoters, counselors, psychologists, harm reduction workers, nurses and doctors.

• Possesses an active New Mexico acupuncture license (Doctor of Oriental Medicine), or be in the process of applying for one.
• Strong commitment to community acupuncture and acudetox/NADA ear acupuncture
• Flexibility and the ability to think on your feet.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Willingness to participate and learn how to work within our team including administration, teaching, fundraising, marketing, outreach

Preferred experience

  • Be fluent in Spanish / has prior experience offering healthcare for Spanish-speaking populations
  • Have experience working in community acupuncture or other high-volume acupuncture/public health clinics
  • Has received specific training in community acupuncture
  • Has a strong background in grant-writing, research, evaluation, capacity building or teaching, sustainable development, humanitarian aid, fundraising and/or administrative work


  • Eligibility for student loan forgiveness programs through the federal government
  • Insurance coverage (PL, GL) for work within Crossroads
  • Gain experience and training in how to run and start your own non-profit  or for-profit community acupuncture clinic

About Crossroads Acupuncture

As a non-profit social enterprise Crossroads Acupuncture makes healthcare accessible and


Volunteer of Crossroads offers ear acupuncture at a homeless shelter in the region

affordable in three ways: Providing low-cost services, training health provides in cost-effective techniques, and helping underserved groups to establish and sustain their own community-supported projects.  Learn more.

News Articles on Crossroads:

Our clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico

We have a large, growing clinic in Downtown Las Cruces, NM, started in March 2012, and since have provided over 25,000 treatments.  We  treat a diverse group of people for a variety of medical and mental health issues and see average of 150 patients per week, with visits costing as low as $5 per patient.    Our clients travel from within a 100-mile radius to receive treatments, including Alamogordo, northern Mexico, El Paso, TX and Truth or Consequences, and we are the only Community Acupuncture clinic within 4 hours.    Intern Acupuncturists will work within this clinic in all levels, including providing care, administration and outreach.

Our training and consultation program in the border region

Through training programs and consultation services, Crossroads and our partner groups


our community of providers offering free services in the border region

have helped provide over 38,000 free treatments in the US/Mexico Border region since 2011.   Through this we also have a network of established providers here in the region that offer treatments across a continuum of care, including homeless services, detoxification, domestic violence groups, pastoral care, as well as outpatient mental health, addictions, and veterans care.  We offer training in simple, safe Oriental medicine techniques like acudetox and moxa.  We work with groups  and practitioners at NMSU, FYI, UNM, the St. Luke’s Health Clinic at Community of Hope’s homeless campus in Las Cruces.  Intern Acupuncturists will gain experience and training working within this program, as well.

Learn more at

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