Volunteer for Flores de Juarez

9 May

Flores de Juarez has worked with dozens of volunteers since 2011 who have worked in many areas of our project. They have offered healthcare services, taught courses, completed their internship for schools, assisted with fundraising and helped translate and interpret. Volunteers have become an integral part of developing our curriculum and the growth of the project.

We offer qualified acupuncture teachers and translators the opportunity to teach health promoters 11902328_10153079309902467_418134539085841695_nand provide direct care in the region.   Other volunteer needs include those with grant-writing, fundraising and community organizing, especially those with  experience in international health promotion, capacity building, education and sustainable development.

Volunteering is a great way to offer your expertise towards community empowerment and addressing health disparities in areas in our border region where many people lack adequate access to healthcare.

10347510_10152150563217467_5712460991170448479_n.jpgVolunteering as an acupuncturist

Volunteering for Flores de Juarez is also a first step for many acupuncturists interested in employment and working at our community acupuncture clinic in Las Cruces, or teaching with our NADA ear acupuncture training program in the US, both programs that are part of our US-Based 501-c3 non-profit organization Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare, a qualifying public service student loan forgiveness program where our staff qualifies for student loan forgiveness after 10 years of employment.

Border Immersion

We also offer volunteers a border immersion experience learning about the local efforts for urban renewal within Mexico, visiting community projects serving the poor, and meeting with local experts on human rights, social justice, peace-building, refugees, immigration, health and other issues in the borderlands.


What volunteering entails

Volunteers have spent anywhere from 2 days to one week volunteering. We craft a volunteer project according to the skills and experience that each individual teacher has to offer, based on the current needs of our school.


Qualifications for Acupuncture Teachers


Minimal requirements

  • Licensed as an acupuncturist
  • Basic understanding of community acupuncture and NADA and their uses in international healthcare
  • Willingness to travel to and stay in Juarez for a 2-5 day period
  • Ability to facilitate a class on acupuncture for 15-20 students and work with a translator and interpreter as needed


Ideal candidates will possess the following

  • Bilingual English/Spanish and Bicultural
  • 1+ years experience working in community acupuncture clinics
  • 1+ years experience teaching acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • Experience and knowledge of Tan-Tung style and Balance method
  • Experience working in international community health settings in Latin America
  • Experience in fundraising and/or grant-writing


Flores de Juarez depends on Spanish speaking volunteer translators for curriculum material and interpreters for teachers. Some volunteer support us from afar, translating materials and communicating with our team via email, and in return they receive free acupuncture treatments at our clinic in Las Cruces. Other volunteers come for 1-3 full days to interpret for teachers and students at our school. Qualified translators and interpreters should be bilingual at the minimal and ideally bicultural.

How to Apply

Interested volunteers should submit a cover letter and a resume to crossroadsacu@gmail.com

Background on the Flores de Juarez training program

  • Competency based apprenticeships for health promoters
  • Focusing on training volunteers from marginalized communities in the borderlands


Towards Sustainability

Crossroads’ approach has focused on teaching models of care that fit well within self-help groups, are cost-effective to implement, and that have a proven record in effectiveness, safety and sustainability in the developing world and humanitarian aid context. The curriculum has thus been based on projects such as the community acupuncture movement, Guatemalan Acupuncture and Medical Aid Project (GUAMAP), National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA), MoxAfrica and Pan African Acupuncture Project.






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