Art and Acupuncture: March 6th 3-7pm, First Friday; 2 for $16 acupuncture! Featuring Emma Henderson

20 Feb
“Whatever the drive, this is my art, the sum of my being at its most passionate. I enjoy what I do. I am challenged by it everyday.”
– Emma Henderson, Crossroads’ featured artist for March
Gallery Openingimage1
When: March 6th 5-7pm, First Friday Art Ramble
Where: Crossroads Acupuncture, 130 S. Main Las Cruces, NM ( in the dowtnown mall)
Acupuncture special!
Have you ever wanted to try acupuncture?  This special art gallery opening is your chance!  Inside the gallery, Crossroads Acupuncture will be offering 2 acupuncture walk-in treatments for $16 all evening from 3-7pm.
About the gallery
Crossroads Acupuncture is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to make acupuncture and health services accessible to people of all income levels.  This gallery is a fundraising gallery for the Crossroads Border Project in Mexico, which means a percentage of all sales goes to support this program serving the poor and indigent in the border region.
Artist statement on the Crossroads Border Project
“If you have a healthy community you thrive.  Awareness and education–what the Crossroads Border Project is all about–these things help make a healthy community.

We have a lot of people that are coming to work in our town from Juarez so there’s a direct correlation between the people that come here to improve their lives.  People we go to school with have families that commute from there.  A lot of our roots here in Las Cruces are from Mexico. By supporting health providers down there, ultimately  what this means is that we’re supporting our friends’ families whom are from Juarez.” – Emma Henderson

Learn more about the Crossroads Border Project…

About Emma’s collection of art for March
This body of work is representative of  universal relationships. Individual strands of hair grouped and formed. Some strands may stray navigating individual paths, but they are all connected to the same body. They divide ways, create patterns and  come together in the end. This concept is broad, applicable to many facets of the human condition and  our universal connection, but mostly: braids are pretty!
About the artist
Emma Henderson is a Las Cruces native with her BFA in painting from NMSU. Alongimage3 with her deep passion for anything and everything art, Emma finds beauty and creativity in her six-year-old daughter Niomi. The two them have been in local films, participated in main street events or you can see them hanging out at an assortment of Las Cruces’ local businesses. She also enjoys singing with the GLBTQ group Singing Out and has just received her first IMDB credit in the Mark Medoff feature “The Heart Outright” as a make-up artist.  Emma is constantly pursuing her dream to be successful in the arts.

Previous Galleries featuring Emma’s work

The Tombaugh Gallery
Nopalitos Galleria

West End Art Depot

Loft Light Studios (El Paso)

Avenue Art (winner 2012, guest artist 2013)
Zombie walk
Art Society Convention
Call for artists! 
Crossroads has openings for artists in 2015! If you would like to apply to be considered in our new gallery, email or come to 130 S. Main with the following information:
  1. 2-3 Jpeg or picture files of your art or a portfolio
  2. CV/Resume
  3. Biography about the artist
  4. Statement about the art collection to be installed in the gallery
  5. Statement about why the artist would like to support the Crossroads Border Project

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