Acupuncture for Athletes

16 Dec

Why Acupuncture for Athletes?

Crossroads Acupuncture treats a variety of competitive athletes including marathon runners, baseball and football players, volleyball too! Here are some common things athletes receive treatment at our clinic for.

  • getting rid of pain, soreness, muscle tension, migraines
  • helping you bounce back from injuries, strains, tears, broken bones
  • Improving mental focus and concentration
  • fatigue, digestive problems and mental health issues
  • cravings for addictive patterns including overeating and smoking cessation
  • helping you improve motivation towards your health goals
  • improving your sleep
  • reducing blood pressure and improving circulation
  • helping you get off medications

Walk in acupuncture whenever you need it.  

130 S. Main (corner of Water and Griggs in Downtown Las Cruces)


Special through January $100 for unlimited fitness classes at 9Round and  unlimited acu at Crossroads.  Learn more…

What should I expect on my first visit?


We make it easy for you to get acupuncture by keeping our clinic simple. Your first visit includes an assessment of your health history and treatment goals. After that, pick a chair, kick off your shoes, roll up your sleeves and get comfortable. Your acupuncturist with check in with you, place your needles, and let you rest.  When you’re ready to get up usually after 45-60 minutes), give a nod and we’ll unpin you.  We’ll also suggest a plan for you to come in based on your needs.

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