Crossroads on MountainView Coop’s blog

1 Jan

by Ryan

Most people who come to an acupuncturist for their first time are usually at least a little nervous about “needles.”  Even if they don’t admit it.   And our culture is just not used to acupuncture or needles as a form of healing.  Most of us didn’t grow up in China where acupuncture is in hospitals and part of everyday healthcare.

I myself was scared to death of needles as a kid.  I had strep throat a lot growing up and would kick and stream each time I had to get a shot.  I hated those big needles.  The first time I went in for acupuncture I was really hoping they wouldn’t pull out any big needles like that.

As our patients know, our approach is very down-to-earth.  And our needling technique is very gentle. We use the thinnest needles that you can find.  These are probably the tiniest needles on the planet.  First time patients at Crossroads walk out of their first treatment pretty darn relaxed, even if they came in with some normal needle nervousness.  Out of the 11,000 treatments we’ve provided since we opened in March 2012, I’d say the majority of these people were at one time at least a little afraid to give acu a try.

Well, our local cooperative Mountain View Market sent in one of their workers to get a treatment at Crossroads and test us out. They wanted to see just what it is like to be a patient at our clinic and get “poked.”  Here you can read their blog: Facing the Needles.  

Thank you Mountain View for being such an awesome partner in our work of community building and healing.  Marissa, MV’s Website Content Coordinator, also wrote a story about our new non profit and our membership co-op style model, you can read that blog here:

Mountain View Member Special: say what?

Did you know that Crossroads offers a discount to all first-time Mountain View Coop members? $14 off your first treatment.  If you’re interested in giving acupuncture a try, a good time is our upcoming Healer for the Arts event on March 8th 9-3pm.

$10 acu on March 8th

Both Janet and Ryan will be offering treatments as a fundraiser ($10 or more donation suggestion). Funds raised will support the growth of free acu services in the borderlands!  We will have limited slots open on this day, so book soon!  Call 575 312 6569 to speak with one of our staff about our clinic, and get your chance to get over your needle-phobia.

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