Memberships starting at $75 per month

30 Jun

Crossroads Monthly Membership Program*

Benefits:  Free Acupuncture treatments for 30 days

Monthly Cost:  $85-$150 sliding scale

Auto-pay membership option:  $75-$150 sliding scale

Becoming a member at Crossroads is a great way to support our mission, help your community, invest in your health and participate more directly in the growth of our project.  Below you can learn more about the benefits we can offer for members.

More about membership…

Crossroads’ mission is to make acupuncture accessible to everyone.  By becoming a member, you help make this possible.  Membership allows you free acupuncture during your membership period.  At the same time your fees help others to receive care at an affordable price.

Making healthcare affordable

Since opening two years ago, we have seen that even with our sliding scale rates at $16 – $41, many patients have not been able to afford acupuncture for lack of funds. This prompted us to develop a new, more accessible payment option.  So far, our new membership option has allowed our patients to receive acupuncture at a much lower cost.

Your investment goes beyond your own health

The border region is one of the poorest areas in the US, and many people lack access to healthcare here right here in Dona Ana and El Paso County.  Across the border in Mexico, human rights issues, violence and economic downturn have left a deep impact on the health of communities. We work to use acupuncture to address  some of these border health disparities.   Here are 3 ways your membership fees help us do this:

1.  Social enterprise.  As a social enterprise, a portion of our profits goes to support other projects in our region. So far we have helped provide 23,000+ treatments since 2011, primarily in poor communities for people who have no access to health care.

2.  Community involvement. Being a member at Crossroads is a simple and direct way to help your community, and support our work of bringing people back to downtown Las Cruces, where our clinic is located.  In this way, your membership helps us to build social capital in the downtown area.

3.  Providing low-cost care for people who need it the most.  Our members include people of all income levels, many of whom are very sick and low-income.  Your membership fee helps all of our members to be able to access our clinic when they need it.

Our commitment to you as a member

When you become a member, we commit to providing consistent and high-quality services throughout your treatment plan.  We’ll be here to provide acupuncture when you need help.  We also commit to making it more affordable for you to follow through with your treatment plan.    

Refer a new member to our clinic: get 1 free treatment coupon!

If you have any further questions or concerns about your membership at Crossroads, or how you can volunteer around our clinic, talk to our staff the next time you’re at the clinic (130 S. Main in Downtown Las Cruces), or call us at 575-312 6569.

– The Crossroads Staff

* Crossroads Acupuncture would like to recognize Mateo Bernal for his contributions to developing our membership option.


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