Fair Trade products for sale at Downtown Clinic

29 Mar

Our new downtown Las Cruces clinic at 130 S. Main now features an assortment of “Fair Trade” products:  books, weavings, gift cards and pinatas.  A portion of proceeds form these sales goes towards our project for underserved communities in the border region.

What is Fair Trade?

Crossroads Community Acupuncture actively engages in fair trade business partnerships with the goal to create greater equity and better conditions for workers. Simply put, Fair Trade is an economic system that endeavors to pay workers a just wage for their labor. This often happens by taking out the “middleman” and establishing a more direct relationship between producer and consumer. It also happens when consumers recognize that most of the products that they are used to buying come at artificially low prices that do not reflect the true environmental or labor costs needed to produce them. Fair Trade products may be anything from agricultural to crafts, and in the case of what we offer at Crossroads, includes piñatas, books, and weavings.  Here’s more about each of the products we sell:

Prayer Flags

Strolling down South Main street on a Saturday morning in Downtown Cruces, a tent draped and covered with bright and bold Prayer Flags waving in the wind will catch your eye as you pass by our clinic at 130 S. Main.  These flags are our most recent addition to Crossroads’ Fair Trade products.  Flags are sold for $15  and are great as gifts for kids and adults, or can be used to decorate your home or office.   Made by community workers along the border in Anapra, Mexico, the flags feature a variety of different designs available.  Symbols on the various flags include the Virgin MaryNamaste, the I Ching symbols,  a movement for peace in Juarez, Mexico Amor por Juarez, Crossroads Acupuncture’s symbol and many more.  Inspirational quotes are found on many of the flag designs, as well. Learn more about this project.


Weavings for Justice is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that works in solidarity with Mayan women’s weaving cooperatives in highland Chiapas, Mexico. The organization aims to assist women weavers to continue to live on their ancestral lands in sustainable ways that respects the land, their language, and their traditions.  Crossroads carries various hand-woven items including purses, handbags, and wallets at our Downtown clinic.  Learn more about Weavings for Justice.


Almost all coffee on this planet is produced in the tropical “third world”, but the great majority 63095_452198344819188_765059374_nof coffee is consumed in the United States and Europe. 90% of profits in the coffee industry remain in the “first world”, while a meager 10% go back to the countries where it was produced to be distributed between the local middle men, the growers and the pickers.

This year, in Nicaragua, the cost of picking the coffee is over half the price being offered by the coffee buyers. Because the price is so low, (right now, international coffee prices are below the cost of production) farmers are losing their farms, their livelihoods, but somehow there are record profits in the coffee industry?

Crossroads is proud to be part of the solution. We’re selling coffee from small farmers in Nicaragua so they get their fair share, to support a social business called Cinco Toucanes.  Learn more…


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