Ear Acupuncture for stress, trauma and recovery

1 Mar

About Ear Acupuncture 

Stress, anxiety, hectic and fast-paced living often creates the need to self-medicate in order to feel calm, relaxed and in control of a seemingly out of control life. The constant need to soothe the mind can lead to over indulging and the chronic use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, food, sex, television, video games and more. There are ways to soothe the mind and reduce feelings of stress without turning to self medication, or prescription medication.  Ear acupuncture is a proven method for various conditions, including the prevention of addictions and recovery from addictions. For more information about how ear acupuncture can work for you, contact Mateo at 541-5660.

Why do ear acu in groups? What is the NADA protocol?

Good questions.  Like our community clinic in Las Cruces, Crossroads staff also provide treatments in a group setting, provided on a sliding scale.  Here’s some resources we’ve gathered to help you understand more about this specific technique:

Article:  Learn more about ear acupuncture on AcuTake.  


Recent ABC tv news story about ear acupuncture for trauma in the border region.

A documentary shows how  ear acupuncture was used as a disaster relief therapy after 9/11 in Manhattan.

Por qué Acupuntura en la Oreja?

El estrés, la ansiedad, a la vida moderna muchas veces crean la necesidad de auto-tratarse para sentirse relajado, calmado, y que todo este bajo control. La necesidad constante de pacificar la mente puede llevarse uno a satisfacerse con alcohol, droga, tabaco, comida, sexo, televisión, vídeo juegos, y mas. Existen muchas maneras de pacificar la mente y reducir las sensaciones de estrés sin girar hacia los medicamentos. El acupuntura en la oreja es un método probado para tratar a varias condiciones, inclusive la prevención y recuperación de adiciones. Para mas información sobre como el acupuntura en la oreja puede ayudarle, contacte Mateo al 541-5660.  Learn more about ear acupuncture on AcuTake. Aprende mas sobre la acupuntura auricular en el blog AcuTake.

Want to get an ear acupuncture treatment?  We offer ear acupuncture services at Tesoro Integrative Health Center 1605 S. Main, Mon and Wed 5-7 and Thurs 8:30-10:30.  Learn more…

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