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Fair Trade products for sale at Downtown Clinic

29 Mar

Our new downtown Las Cruces clinic at 130 S. Main now features an assortment of “Fair Trade” products:  books, weavings, gift cards and pinatas.  A portion of proceeds form these sales goes towards our project for underserved communities in the border region.

What is Fair Trade?

Crossroads Community Acupuncture actively engages in fair trade business partnerships with the goal to create greater equity and better conditions for workers. Simply put, Fair Trade is an economic system that endeavors to pay workers a just wage for their labor. This often happens by taking out the “middleman” and establishing a more direct relationship between producer and consumer. It also happens when consumers recognize that most of the products that they are used to buying come at artificially low prices that do not reflect the true environmental or labor costs needed to produce them. Fair Trade products may be anything from agricultural to crafts, and in the case of what we offer at Crossroads, includes piñatas, books, and weavings.  Here’s more about each of the products we sell:

Prayer Flags

Strolling down South Main street on a Saturday morning in Downtown Cruces, a tent draped and covered with bright and bold Prayer Flags waving in the wind will catch your eye as you pass by our clinic at 130 S. Main.  These flags are our most recent addition to Crossroads’ Fair Trade products.  Flags are sold for $15  and are great as gifts for kids and adults, or can be used to decorate your home or office.   Made by community workers along the border in Anapra, Mexico, the flags feature a variety of different designs available.  Symbols on the various flags include the Virgin MaryNamaste, the I Ching symbols,  a movement for peace in Juarez, Mexico Amor por Juarez, Crossroads Acupuncture’s symbol and many more.  Inspirational quotes are found on many of the flag designs, as well. Learn more about this project.


Weavings for Justice is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that works in solidarity with Mayan women’s weaving cooperatives in highland Chiapas, Mexico. The organization aims to assist women weavers to continue to live on their ancestral lands in sustainable ways that respects the land, their language, and their traditions.  Crossroads carries various hand-woven items including purses, handbags, and wallets at our Downtown clinic.  Learn more about Weavings for Justice.


Almost all coffee on this planet is produced in the tropical “third world”, but the great majority 63095_452198344819188_765059374_nof coffee is consumed in the United States and Europe. 90% of profits in the coffee industry remain in the “first world”, while a meager 10% go back to the countries where it was produced to be distributed between the local middle men, the growers and the pickers.

This year, in Nicaragua, the cost of picking the coffee is over half the price being offered by the coffee buyers. Because the price is so low, (right now, international coffee prices are below the cost of production) farmers are losing their farms, their livelihoods, but somehow there are record profits in the coffee industry?

Crossroads is proud to be part of the solution. We’re selling coffee from small farmers in Nicaragua so they get their fair share, to support a social business called Cinco Toucanes.  Learn more…


Weavings for Justice artesan products available at Crossroads Clinic

29 Mar

By Rebecca Wiggins

Crossroads now sells an assortment of beautiful, hand-woven purses, handbags, and wallets.  They are fair trade products (learn more about Crossroads’ Fair Trade project), made Maya women’s weaving cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico, through a non profit organization, Weaving for Justice.

Weaving for Justice is a volunteer organization that works in solidarity with three Maya women’s weaving cooperatives in highland Chiapas, Mexico. The organization’s goal is to assist women weavers in cooperatives so they can continue to live on their ancestral lands in sustainable ways that respect their culture, language, and traditions. Weaving for Justice helps the weavers find ways to market their products through fair trade venues in the United States, including Crossroads Community Acupuncture, and works to inform the public about threats to women’s cooperative efforts and human rights in Mexico. We also connect weaving cooperatives in Chiapas with women’s artisan groups along the U.S./Mexico border.  A percentage of these sales will benefit the Crossroads Border Project.

Crossroads carries various hand-woven items including purses, handbags, and wallets available for sale at our Downtown clinic, 130 S. Main. These are great gifts!

For More information visit their website at:

Prayer Flags on sale at Crossroads’ farmers market table each Saturday

12 Mar

Inspired Imports Inspires downtown Las Cruces

Strolling down South Main street on a Saturday morning in Downtown Cruces, a tent draped and covered with bright and bold Prayer Flags waving in the wind will catch your eye as you pass by our clinic at 130 S. Main.  These flags, created by a community-based project in Juarez–Inspired Imports–are our most recent addition to Crossroads’ Fair Trade products.

IMG_0385Where to buy a Prayer Flag

Flags are sold at Crossroads 130 S. Main for $15 and can be purchased at the Las Cruces Farmer’s Market 8:30-12 every Saturday (just outside our door!), alongside an assortment of Fair Trade products from Mexico.

Also, you can purchase these items at our clinic during business hours at 130 S. Main (entrance off of Water Street) on these days:

Tues-Thurs 11-7

Fri 11-2

Sat 9-1

They are also sold at Mountainview Market 7 days a week, as well as at other fairs around town.  Follow them on Facebook to learn more about where to find them. The flags are great as gifts for kids and adults, or can be used to decorate your home, office, or garden.   Like all our Fair Trade products, a portion of profits go to benefit the Crossroads Border Project in Mexico.

What are Prayer Flags

IMG_0384The creation of this new product by Juarez artisans–who call them Guerilla Prayer Flags— come from the tradition of Tibetan prayer flags, which are displayed in many cultures around the world to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.  Guerilla Prayer Flags, made out of used clothing by community workers along the border in Anapra, Mexico, have a variety of different designs.  Symbols on the various flags include the Virgin Mary, Namaste, the I Ching symbols,  a movement for peace in Juarez, Mexico Amor por Juarez, Crossroads Community Acupuncture’s symbol and many more.  Inspirational quotes are found on many of the flag designs, as well.

More about Inspired Imports

This particular project is run by the La Union-based small business “Inspired Imports,” run by Siba and Rosario Escobeda.  (Watch a short film on this project.) They have two lines of Fair Trade items:  Rags to Britches & Guerilla Prayer Flags.  Both are projects of love and hope that are transforming the lives of 4 Juarez families, and creating some beautiful things along the way. Juarez, MX is one of the world’s bloodiest urban war-zones, right in our own backyard (just an hour away from Las Cruces). The most devastating toll is being taken on innocent families caught in the crossfire.

But Rags to Britches & Guerilla Prayer Flags are not providing a mere hand-out: we seek hard-working, resourceful, deserving women to fulfill a market niche for what the project’s co-founder Rosario Escobedo saw as a lack of “unique clothing that you can actually feel good about buying”—that means no sweatshops and little environmental impact with use of recycled fabrics.

Inspired Imports’ latest project, Guerilla Prayer Flags, is an effort to provide further economic and moral support to Juarez. Our spin on the colorful Tibetan prayer flag tradition are created from hand-dyed, hand-stamped recycled t-shirts, with messages to appeal to almost anyone who wants to add some color and spirit to their home, yoga studio, or yard. These bright garlands of waving color signify the release and manifestation of your intent into the universe as they dance and disintegrate in the wind.IMG_0404

Come check out Juarez’s latest blooming and see if this expression of global and personal transformation speaks to you.  Specialized orders may be made to have your own design or quote or saying or expression of peace on your individualized prayer flag.

News coverage of Inspired Imports

Inspired Imports was recently featured in the news by Emmy-award winning journalist Angela Kocherga, the story was viewed in various TV news outlets in the Southwest:”Moms in the Southwest find inspired use of used clothing”.   Also, the project was featured alongside  Crossroads’ project in Juarez last year in Las Cruces Sun News  Peter Goodman’s column: “Their View: Three groups that give our community more to be thankful for.”

Inspired Imports helps Crossroads 

Crossroads thanks Siba and Rosario Escobeda for spearheading this project.  They volunteer for Crossroads every week to get the word out about our Fair Trade table.  Come meet Siba and Rosario the next time you’re down at the Farmer’s Market!


Rosario Escobeda


Ear Acupuncture for stress, trauma and recovery

1 Mar

About Ear Acupuncture 

Stress, anxiety, hectic and fast-paced living often creates the need to self-medicate in order to feel calm, relaxed and in control of a seemingly out of control life. The constant need to soothe the mind can lead to over indulging and the chronic use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, food, sex, television, video games and more. There are ways to soothe the mind and reduce feelings of stress without turning to self medication, or prescription medication.  Ear acupuncture is a proven method for various conditions, including the prevention of addictions and recovery from addictions. For more information about how ear acupuncture can work for you, contact Mateo at 541-5660.

Why do ear acu in groups? What is the NADA protocol?

Good questions.  Like our community clinic in Las Cruces, Crossroads staff also provide treatments in a group setting, provided on a sliding scale.  Here’s some resources we’ve gathered to help you understand more about this specific technique:

Article:  Learn more about ear acupuncture on AcuTake.  


Recent ABC tv news story about ear acupuncture for trauma in the border region.

A documentary shows how  ear acupuncture was used as a disaster relief therapy after 9/11 in Manhattan.

Por qué Acupuntura en la Oreja?

El estrés, la ansiedad, a la vida moderna muchas veces crean la necesidad de auto-tratarse para sentirse relajado, calmado, y que todo este bajo control. La necesidad constante de pacificar la mente puede llevarse uno a satisfacerse con alcohol, droga, tabaco, comida, sexo, televisión, vídeo juegos, y mas. Existen muchas maneras de pacificar la mente y reducir las sensaciones de estrés sin girar hacia los medicamentos. El acupuntura en la oreja es un método probado para tratar a varias condiciones, inclusive la prevención y recuperación de adiciones. Para mas información sobre como el acupuntura en la oreja puede ayudarle, contacte Mateo al 541-5660.  Learn more about ear acupuncture on AcuTake. Aprende mas sobre la acupuntura auricular en el blog AcuTake.

Want to get an ear acupuncture treatment?  We offer ear acupuncture services at Tesoro Integrative Health Center 1605 S. Main, Mon and Wed 5-7 and Thurs 8:30-10:30.  Learn more…