Free Acu Farmer’s Market Fundraiser: Donations will support free border acu clinics

1 Jun

What:  Donation only acupuncture at the Wednesday Farmer Market, no paperwork fee for first time clients.

When: Wednesdays ALL OF JULY, 2012

How can I sign up?  Schedule an appointment:  Walk ins are always welcome as space is available.  

Where: Greenworks Community Center, 125 N Main, LAS CRUCES, NM  (Just come on down to the Las Cruces farmer’s market and you’ll see us one block south of the Rio Grande Theater, parking available next to Zeffiro’s and Bank of the West)

Why: In solidarity with 20 network Crossroads community clinics in the borderlands that right now offer free acu in low income neighborhoods, we’ll do the same here in Las Cruces. Thousands of treatments have been given in these clinics since 2011, services supported by client donations. Donations will be accepted at our Wednesday event throughout July, every penny of which will go towards supporting these clinics, and establishing new clinics specifically for survivors of violence.

Clinics from the borderlands featured at Yale Medical School conference in June

In June, the regional administrators for Crossroads’ network clinics received awards at an international acupuncture conference at Yale University for their efforts in reducing health disparities in the borderlands.   There are an estimated 24 clinics that provide services for impoverished communities along the border.  You can support their efforts by coming and receiving an acupuncture treatment at Crossroads.  A percentage of every treatment Tues, Thurs, Friday and Saturdays, and on Wednesdays in July 100% of all donations received, will go towards towards establishing new free clinics like this.

Ear acupuncture training at Yale Medical School, here in the border region and worldwide

Yale Medical School, like Crossroads’ capacity building program, trains providers how to use ear acupuncture as part of mental health treatment.  An estimated 30,000 providers have been trained in ear acupuncture for mental health, addictions and disaster relief worldwide.  Donations made to Crossroads during June will provide scholarships for providers in the border region who cannot afford to pay for training.

How does ear acupuncture help?  

One of the first places for acupuncture to be used in a mainstream western health care setting in the US was at Lincoln Hospital in New York City in the early ’70’s.  Specific ear acupuncture protocols were developed here to use as adjunct to addictions, psychiatric and trauma care and today thousands of hospital, recovery and self help programs around the world have incorporated ear acupuncture protocols for clients.

So how does ear acupuncture help people in these types of programs?  Here’s some web links where you can hear more from patients how ear acupuncture has helped them:

Here’s a video about a simliar project implemented in Chile following the 2009 earthquake.  Ear acupuncture trained health providers offered treatment for trauma as part of disaster response:

Here’s a report from one client, featured on the Yale Medical School’s website, Ear Acupuncture: a Tool for Recovery:

“It’s the best relaxation, anti-anxiety drug I’ve ever had.  It’s better than a Valium or Lorazapam or anything from the past.”

Click here read the Yale Medical School’s article on the Yale ear acupuncture clinic and training program.

Reducing disparities one treatment at a time

At Crossroads we work to reduce health disparities by providing affordable treatments and using this community model to support the expansion of free border clinics for people that have no access to an acupuncturist.  We offer a sliding scale of $16-$41 per treatment.  A percentage of every treatment will go to support network Crossroads clinics in the borderlands that operate in some of the most impoverished corners of our region.  By getting acupuncture yourself, you’re helping your neighbors in your region, as well.

Learn more about our support for borderland free clinics and how you can contribute in other ways to this project: 

Also, you can read more about a similar project to make acupuncture more accessible by our colleagues in Victoria British Columbia.

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