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Video en español: Acupuntura Comunitaria

29 Feb

Un video en español en lo que sale entrevistas con clientes en una clínica de Acupuntura Comunitaria en Seattle, Washington:

Finding a quiet space

29 Feb

“The community setting allows the community to come together in a quiet space to take care of themselves. This collective stillness is so uncommon in our fast paced culture and I think within this stillness there is something very therapeutic.”

–Nina Hoffman, community acupuncturist in San Francisco

A great article just out on a community acupuncture clinic in San Francisco.

In the US, community acupuncture emerged out of the northwest, but there’s a growing number of clinics across the south, and we’re proud to be the first in the El Paso/Las Cruces region.

Why Community Acupuncture?

26 Feb

Why consider community acupuncture as a healthcare option?

One community acupuncturist in Berkeley, California, wrote about this specific question this week in a blog.  It´s a great introduction to what we’re doing at Crossroads Community Acupuncture.

Here are three reasons we´d like to share:

  1. It’s easy! Come when you can alone or with friends.
  2. It is affordable – a sliding payment scale can help you meet your budget.
  3. No ‘disrobing’ needed. Receive your treatment dressed casually wearing what you have on.
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