Crossroads Border Project


students of Crossroads help at a homeless shelter for people disabled with mental illness


Make a Tax-Deductible donation to Crossroads  easily with your credit card.  Or you can send donations to Crossroads Acupuncture 130 S. Main Las Cruces, NM 88001.

What is the Crossroads Border Project?

Crossroads is a social enterprise, which means we don’t exist to maximize profits for a few people.  Rather, we put our resources towards helping other grassroots projects.  The Crossroads Border Project is our primary program for putting our resources towards the welfare and empowerment of our region here in the borderlands.  

We train local health promoters and counselors in cost-effective techniques such as acudetox/ear acupuncture.  These providers operate and offer these therapies within a variety of self-help, addictions, medical and behavioral health programs, primarily within impoverished areas serving the mentally ill, the homeless, victims of violence, orphans, and addictions.



Siba Escobedo, founder of Rags to Britches and Prayer Flags in Juarez, volunteers weekly at the Farmer’s Market in Las Cruces to support the Border Project

This program is volunteer-based, we have dozens of unpaid helpers assisting:  volunteer teachers, as well as health providers.   We have had over a dozen volunteer health professionals travel to this region to assist.

How is it funded?

The Border Project is funded by donations and a percentage of profits from our Community Acupuncture clinic in Las Cruces.  These funds are put towards helping underserved groups in the border region establish and sustain their own community-supported health projects.

Who does Crossroads work with?

Groups we have partnered with include St. Luke’s Health Clinic at the Community of Hope, acupuncture las cruces el pasoAlianza in Las Cruces, UNM, Desert Pride Academy for at-risk youth in Anthony, NM.  In addition we work with several other self-help based free clinics serving both the general public and also people in situations of violence and human rights abuses.

What has the Crossroads Border Project accomplished?

  • Over 25,000 treatments provided since 2011 within community centers, women’s groups, homeless shelters, mental health programs, and orphanages
  • 115 health promoters trained in ear acupuncture
  • Over 20 community-supported ear acupuncture programs, offering care for low-income groups

What trainings does Crossroads offer for health promoters?

acupuncture las cruces el paso

Crossroads volunteer Tracy Thorne trains heath promoters in pediatric medicine

How you can support

acupuncture las cruces el paso

Volunteer Imelda offers ear seed therapy for youth in the border region

As a social enterprise committed to reducing health disparities in our region, we want the Las Cruces community to be able to contribute to our project.  There are several ways you can support.

1.   Donate through Moonclerk by using your credit card. 

A tax-deductible receipt can be offered upon Crossroads’ approval from the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization, currently under review. We anticipate these receipts will be ready to offer to donors by January 2015.  Please contact us for questions about donations.

Checks may also be sent to:

Crossroads Community Supported Healthcare

130 S. Main

Las Cruces, NM 88001

2.  Donation only acu days

Be on the lookout for donation only acupuncture sessions we periodically offer at our Crossroads clinic.  Proceeds will  benefit the Border Project.  You can receive updates on these specials by following our blog, our facebook page, or to subscribe to our E-newsletter, (subscription is free, just email us at

3.  Purchase Fair Trade weavings, pinatas, prayer flags, and more!

Crossroads sells a variety of fair trade artisan products made in Mexico.  They are available at the farmer’s market every Saturday 8-12 on South Main, and at our downtown clinic 130 S. Main Monday through Saturday.  A portion of all proceeds from fair trade sales benefits the Crossroads Border Project. Currently we have on display and for sale at our clinic the paintings of patients participating in an art therapy program for people with psychiatric illness. Learn more about the various products 

4.  Get acu yourself 

The easiest way to support the Crossroads Border Project is to come for a treatment at Crossroads Acupuncture in downtown Las Cruces 130 N. Main. We re-invest our surplus revenues into our capacity building program.  By receiving acupuncture treatments yourself, and inviting others to also come receive a treatment, at the same you’ll also be assisting your neighbors in the border region.  


Interested in volunteering, helping these efforts or making a financial contribution?

Email or call 575-312-6569




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